Professional Grade Hand Wash Training System

This British designed and produced hand wash training system, provides The NHS and Healthcare Organisations with a simple, affordable solution for mobile hand hygiene training and demonstration.

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UV GERM Lotion

UVGERM Training Lotion

The Checkpoint System includes a 250ml bottle of UV GERM Training Lotion. Formulated using SMART UV Revealing Particles which are INVISIBLE under normal light conditions, yet will glow a distinctive Green or Blue when exposed to a UV Light source such as the Checkpoint Examination Lamp.

A pleasing and easy-to-use method of applying Microscopic UV GERM Simulation particles to hands prior to washing. This gentle, non-greasy, moisturising lotion is safe for use on all skin types.

HY-5 Training Video

HY-5 Training Video

The Checkpoint System also comes with a copy of our HY-5 (pronounced High-Five) pre-training primer and step-by-step instructional video on a handy USB stick. 

This HD video will provide trainees with a short overview of the hand-wash training process they are about to undertake as well explaining the different techniques used in hand washing and how much of a real difference proper hand-washing makes to everyday hygiene.

Before washing
Hands fully covered in UV GERM Training lotion
After first wash
Clearly missed wrists & thumbs
After first wash
Fingernails & cuticles still contaminated

WASH & GLOW – Seeing is believing

Checkpoint Lamp

The Checkpoint UV Disclosure Lamp is a high quality portable hygiene training resource equally at home for hand wash training and surface hygiene / cross-contamination training. 

It’s lightweight, compact folding design makes it ideal when moving between Infection Control training sessions.

UV light reveals invisible UV GERM particles hiding in the creases and crevices of the skin
WASH and GLOW Checkpoint System
The Checkpoint System
Checkpoint Lamp Folded
Compact Folding Design

Additional UV GERM Training Lotion is available as required on this web site.

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The perfect companion for the Checkpoint

An instant pop-up mini dark-room

Great for those brightly lit areas.

Green UV GERM Lotion

New Blue UV GERM Lotion

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